Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Concerns about Swine Flu Vaccine with Diabetes and Asthma

Hi - have recently been talking to a member who is concerned about their childs forthcoming Swine Flu vaccination. If there is anyone who has had experience of reactions, problems with Diabetes or Asthma or any other comments, suggestions, ideas or observations it would be great to share them. Thanks.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Diabetes Committee Meetings

If you are interested in supporting the group and would like to join the committee or are just interested in coming to our monthly meetings or have any ideas for activities then please dont hesitate to come along.

If you cant make the meetings but would like to see the minutes then e-mail us at and we will add you to the distribution list.

We usually meet at the Jenny Lind Clinic but sometime meet elsewhere so check back to the site or here for the location of the next meeting.

12th January 2010
: Jenny Lind Clinic
Time: 7pm for 7.30

Monday, 12 October 2009

Latest Newsletter Now Available

Thanks to the hard efforts of Andy Dodds from ad-creative have a regular Newsletter which looks fantastic. Obviously thanks must also go to everyone who sends in copy and those who run the events, fundraising and activities for us to be able to write the content in the first place. Dont hesitate to let us know if you have anything we can add to the webiste, newsletter or this blog site too.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Diabetes Podcasts

Dr. Vipan Datta Consultant Paediatrician from the Jenny Lind Children's Department NNUH has gained funding and launched their first series of eight podcasts for young people with diabetes.

Warning: These podcasts are intended for young people aged 14 or over. They deal with the issues they can face with their condition in a realistic way.

Click on this link to listen the podcasts

Youth group Quasar Elite Afternoon

This was such a fantastic event and was enjoyed by the 28 kids and several adults who attended. 2 hours and 3 exciting games of quasar with cold drinks and pizzas in between to refresh and re-invigorate everyone. Thanks so much to Gail Howes for organising this event again - a real success.

Diabetes UK - Teach your tot about diabetes - free activities for under fives

Diabetes UK's new video addresses the issue of bullying and Type 1 diabetes. It dispels myths and misconceptions that real people with the condition h